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Gillingham sees first live connection go live
Tuesday 14 March 2017 10:29:55 by Andrew Ferguson

Gillingham took part in the early trials, but now a book keeping business has become the first live connection in the United Kingdom.

Click image for larger version

The business is Temiz book-keeping Ltd and is now enjoying ultrafast connectivity from the pod attached to the side of cabinet 9 in Gillingham as shown in the picture above.

"All our client data is stored in the Cloud. Having ultrafast speeds means we can download and upload that data instantly – however many client accounts we are working on at the same time.

Upoading heavy data files could take a couple of hours with the speeds we had before but now we can achieve the same in a matter of minutes – it is a big time saver.

We are in the process of building a website for the business which will allow clients to log into their own accounts and use the book keeping facilities. We are also looking to open another office in London to help us attract new clients in the City and take on another partner so that we can offer an auditing service. It is a new and exciting time for us and having ultrafast broadband provides the platform to do all this on. It has given us the confidence to go ahead and invest in the future of the business.

Mehmet Uzum, who runs Temiz book-keeping Ltd

The is the start of delivering the option for 10 million premises to connect using by 2020 and a further 2 million premises to be able to order GEA-FTTP. The cabinet 9 is a fairly typical urban one and the slowest connection looks likely to be 150 Mbps for those ordering, the area also has a heavy Virgin Media presence so commercially provides a very good indicator of how the service will stack up against the main competitor which is cable broadband.

The two million FTTP premises is starting to show up in terms of more city centre, exchange only and business areas with FTTP indicated as on the way, but if you are already served by a VDSL2 fibre cabinet it is likely you will only see

The Broadband World Forum Openreach stand had a pair of pods with the doors open back in 2016, and we've cropped the photos to let you see inside both a Nokia and Huawei variant.

Click image for larger version

Click image for larger version leverages a spare fibre from the VDSL2 cabinet, and cross links a power feed from the same cabinet, hence it will only at this stage be rolled out as pods to cabinets that have a VDSL2 twin. Thus it is very much sweating existing assets but this should produce a favourable outcome in terms of the speed of the roll-out. Our coverage tracking will reflect if is available when doing a postcode search as we add the various enabled cabinets and while we have built a model based on a mixture of theory and limited visibility of trial speed tests we will revisit the distance range model later in 2017. The model works such that if a cabinets footprint is large enough we fall back to using a VDSL2 estimate in coverage tracking and a map layer for live areas will appear in the next month or two.


Posted by steve14 16 days ago
Will G.Fast technology affect ping times or are they likely to stay the same? I'm an online gamer and although it's a small difference, every little helps :)
Posted by WWWombat 16 days ago
Very different amounts of cooling in those 2 pods.
Posted by andrew (Favicon staff member) 16 days ago may well improve latency, and should bring faster sync times so even if line drops out resync will be a lot faster.
Posted by CarlThomas 16 days ago
Will improve latency? I guess a packet will take slightly less time to be transported but will also have a wait for the line to move from downstream to upstream.

Be interesting to see, but obviously nothing matches FTTP/B solutions.
Posted by steve14 16 days ago
Yeah I can only dream of FTTP/B at the moment. Maybe in a few years time.
Posted by ZenUser27 16 days ago
They get more than 10mbps all the time they have beaten Virgin no doubt
Posted by Blackmamba 16 days ago
Hi Broadband Watchers.
I hope the person in the photo returns home to Surrey with a few units which could be used in the OMR also it is nice to see that there is spare fibres located close to the Cab or the node was close. I feel the packet distribution will be very effective as the orders are advertised on the post codes.
Posted by Somerset 16 days ago
@BM - please explain 'I feel the packet distribution will be very effective as the orders are advertised on the post codes.'

Still waiting for you to explain 'postal run'.
Posted by CarlThomas 16 days ago
@BM They don't just run one fibre into the cab. That would be stupid.

Post codes are nothing to do with delivery of packets, please stop with that. It's a massive disservice to those who may read it and do not know any better. as deployed here will not be used in BDUK projects.
Posted by fastman 16 days ago
BM gfast will only be rolled out where it makes commercial sense and that is it [ thisd spare fibre stuff is irrelevant !!!!!!!!!!
Posted by fastman 16 days ago
I expect no gfast in BDUK
Posted by comnut 16 days ago
well if you want your packet delivered, it needs to have the right post code!!!
(amazon needs the house number too :))

That was a JOKE, BTW... :)
Posted by CarlThomas 16 days ago
Talking of jokes that reminds me to check if Virgin Media have managed to either stop selling telephony near here or actually enable the area for the service.

That in between checking if the cabinets celebrating their 1 year anniversary since being stood have any prospect of serving anyone any time soon.
Posted by 2doorsbob 16 days ago
Useless on long lines I'm 700 to 800 metres away with 200 of it being ali waste of time and money unless nodes are brought to pole
Posted by brianhe 15 days ago
I wish my line was only 800m rather than the 4000m it is. No thought has gone in to long lines.
Posted by fastman 15 days ago
Brianhe so what exchange are you covered under BDUK or could your community d something themselves
Posted by fastman 15 days ago
2doorsbob about 12 hours ago so assume your an enabled cab -- that abour 35 m/bps so you could fund FTTP if you wanted fro your community
Posted by Blackmamba 15 days ago
Hi Broadband Watchers.
The BDUK was finished in Surrey over a year ago so it is possible that the OMR data post Codes see map may be used at set location that have spare fibre in the area / node. I feel that the post codes that are not on the map have a good chance of getting G/Fast or fibre to the home to get the speed to 24 Meg which would get the best return.
Posted by andrew (Favicon staff member) 15 days ago
@Blackmamba Please stop posting or ask for some guidance before you make statements.

Postcodes that were not in the maps or lists for help from gainshare are NOT likely to see extra help at this time. This may change in 18 months time but your post is giving people false hope or simply confusing them.
Posted by comnut 15 days ago
By 'telephony' you mean telephone line?? do explain..:)
VM will already do the option, but the difference is small change..
Look at ALL the 'checkers' - VM is a 'mass market' provider like Sky and BT, so if you want anything more than just big dowloads (big uploads, reliable speed, more fancy stuff)then look elswhere...

People forget that it is VERY expensive to install services, and very little willing to pay full cost!!

My friend in Hampton Lane has SKY Fibre BB, and his exchange is almost 3Km away, and has no speed problems.. :)
Posted by comnut 15 days ago
the problem is how to reference your house easily for the checker..

The TBB BB map WILL take a street address, (change the prompt to 'street address or postcode' would help make this clear.. )

Posted by andrew (Favicon staff member) 15 days ago
@Comnut The search box on the maps takes an address, but the data points we have on the map are not to that resolution, unless it is the case the postcode contains a single property when the postcode lat/lng does match the building. Relatively common for rural or urban business.
Posted by CarlThomas 15 days ago
@BM So having decided not to deploy to them commercially, and alongside Surrey agreeing that these areas were not value for taxpayer money BT will, with their own funds, either do a to the remote node rollout or FTTP?

This seems unlikely. Not as unlikely as the suggestion that routing is based around postcodes, but pretty unlikely.
Posted by CarlThomas 15 days ago
@BM Just FYI I will try and be helpful though. The routing and switching is done via normal IP routing and Ethernet switching.. which is why most of us connect to our ISP via PPPoE, Ethernet.

Connection to DSLAM via VDSL, where our connection is mapped into Q-in-Q Ethernet VLANs, then off to switch in exchange, where it's forwarded to the ISP using the outer-most tag as reference.
Posted by CarlThomas 15 days ago
From there the ISP can either switch or route the connection depending on their needs. Until either the first routed hop is arrived at or the PPPoE session is terminated, depending on ISP network, we don't see anything on our traceroutes.

The ISP uses routing protocols to advertise to its own network and the Internet either where the last hop on its network or the LNS terminating the PPPoE session is.

Fairly standard. Google VLAN or Ethernet or "IP Routing" - it's not mystical.
Posted by Blackmamba 13 days ago
Hi Carl.
Thanks for the above remarks it has helped my project to get Surrey to the 99.7% target at 15 meg as stated at the Dorking meeting and with the help of G/Fast it will hit 2020 with ease.
Posted by andrew (Favicon staff member) 13 days ago
@Blackmamba 'Your Project'?

Also worth highlighting that we do NOT believe Surrey is at 99.7% at 15 Mbps or better.

It is more like 97.42%,E10000030
Posted by comnut 12 days ago
I do believe his 'project' is
"to get Surrey to the 99.7% target at 15 meg "

I dont think he means it is *already* that...:)
Posted by fastman 11 days ago
Blackmamba Gfast and Fod have had no impact on surry in any shape of form
Posted by fastman 11 days ago
I assume this is the same county that claimed 100% in 2013/2014
Posted by CarlThomas 10 days ago
Mr Mamba is not a technology to expand coverage. It is extremely unlikely to form a part of any plan to increase >15Mb coverage.

Where VDSL is inadequate Openreach have deployed FTTP, with some all in one cabinets.

I have no idea where you are getting the idea that will be used for coverage purposes. Perhaps the same place you got the idea that IP routing uses post codes?
Posted by comnut 10 days ago

did you miss out a Zero???

from above article
" the slowest connection looks likely to be 150 Mbps for those ordering"
Posted by andrew (Favicon staff member) 9 days ago
What Carl wrote makes perfect sense.

The current deployment of means that only those likely to be getting above 45 Mbps from VDSL2 will benefit. The 150 Mbps from article is from our model and is due to this cabinet being a fairly compact foot print.

Cabs with larger areas will have some where they won't offer
Posted by 2doorsbob 9 days ago
@ Fastman i think paying £19 for a line is enough to pay you would have thought the least openreach could do is ensure it's copper
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